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UCI Campus Recreation, in conjunction with Be Smart About Safety, presents a series of events to educate and encourage us toward healthier behaviors: Health & Fitness Fridays.

UCI Campus Recreation - Health & Fitness Friday - Chef Jessica
Each Health and Fitness Fridays event will include a light lunch and a presentation from an engaging expert on a current health topic. All events will be held at the ARC at 12pm, on the third Friday of every month from November to May. You're welcome to use the ARC Facilities before or after each event for free. We will announce the speaker and topic near the first of each month, then please sign up for the Friday that you plan to attend through UC Learning Center.
2017 - 2018 Dates Now Available - More info up soon!
Friday, 11/17 - Eating Right vs. Dieting
Lincoln Tom, MD (Family Medicine)

 “Diets are marketed as ways to lose weight quickly, but what they don’t advertise is that maintaining the diet is just as difficult as starting one. There are much healthier ways to manage eating right. Rather than following the next fad diet, come learn tips and ways to integrate healthy change in to your everyday so the impact will be long lasting.”

Friday, 12/8 - Triple Trouble: What you need to know about fats, sugar and sodium.
Diane Basurto, RD, UCI Weight Management

Learn what you need to know about fats, sugar, and sodium. We will go over acceptable amounts, ways to reduce your intake, and more!

Friday, 1/19 - New Year New You: Meal Prepping 101
Chef Jessica VanRoo, Culinary Education Director, UCI Campus Recreation

Learn how to plan your meals out for the week.  Whether you are single, or a family of six come learn the tricks to plan your week out for healthy balanced meals.  From templates to recipes, and other great resources, we will provide you the tools to start meal prepping like a pro!

Friday, 2/16 - Health Benefits of Chocolate
Dr. Rosales-Vong, MemorialCare

Dark chocolate can improve health and lower the risk of heart disease. When enjoyed in moderation, chocolate can make you feel so good! Come learn about quality ingredients to look for in chocolate and why it is considered a food indulgence.

Friday, 3/16 - Go Green Eat Green
Lotus Thai, Sustainability Coordinator

Come learn about UCI’s zero waste facilities, healthy dining options on Campus, innovative projects, and our sustainable goals for the year. You will also learn how to make a Sautéed Spicy Kimchi Quinoa Bowl with Chef Rhiannon along with some simple kitchen tips.

Friday, 4/20 - Running for Your LIfe: Perspectives on Exercise Medicine
Dr. Kim

Join Dr. Kim, the Team Physician for UCI Athletics, in learning the myriad of health benefits of exercise, with particular focus on recent research findings on the benefits of running. He will also touch on a few noteworthy caveats about the risks of excessive exercise, such as the female athlete triad and early sports specialization.

Friday, 5/18 - DIY Home supplies; from cleansers to face masks
Chef Jessica VanRoo, Culinary Education Director, UCI Campus Recreation

Did you know that you can make your own soaps, cleaners,  bath bombs, and facial masks at home? Using a lot of the supplies you already have at home create healthier alternatives to the chemicals you might be putting on your face or in your hair. A lot of the items you can make will also help you use items that might be going bad in your refrigerator or pantry. Come explore the sustainable ways to create home products for yourself! 

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